Novogy combines applied research in lipid biosynthesis, biocatalyst robustness, and efficient feedstock conversion to deliver technology solutions for bio-based industries. Our focus is to deliver the lowest cost processes for feedstock conversion to valuable products on a global scale.

Lipid Biosynthesis

Novogy has genetically engineered yeast biocatalysts for industrial scale production of lipids and fatty acid based platform molecules. These products are well suited for use as industrial and edible oils, oleo-chemicals, and hydrocarbon-based biofuel feedstocks. With a research platform built on metabolic engineering technology and insight from MIT's Stephanopoulos lab of Bioinformatics & Metabolic Engineering, Novogy is at the forefront of efficient lipid production in yeast biocatalysts.

Lipid oil is stored in lipid bodies (dark inclusions) in native yeasts. Engineered yeast cells have expanded lipid bodies with more than 70 percent lipid content by weight.

Biocatalyst Robustness

Process operability and fermentation performance are essential for advanced biochemical and biofuel production. Novogy works directly with industrially proven yeast biocatalyst platforms to engineer strains tailored for feedstock and product specifications. These yeasts are resistant to viral infections, tolerate process variability, and operate in pH, temperature, and aeration ranges that enable large-scale fermentation.

Additionally, Novogy has developed ROBUST™ technology, which is a genetically engineered process improvement to reduce microbial contamination in fermentation systems. A broadly applicable alternative to antibiotic usage, ROBUST is incorporated into Novogy's lead commercialization technology package and is also available for commercial license in the biochemical and biofuel sector.

ROBUST benefits include:

  • Broad alternative to antibiotics
  • Provides hosts with an advantage over yeast, fungal and bacterial infections
  • Low cost, scalable deployment with no new capital costs
  • Ideal for second generation biochemical and biofuel production

Low-Cost Feedstock Conversion

Novogy focuses on feedstocks that are consistent with our global scale targets. We have developed yeast biocatalysts and fermentation technologies to use large-scale feedstocks including corn, sugar cane, industrial glycerol, acetate, ethanol, as well as five and six carbon sugars derived from lignocellulosic biomass.

Consistent with our focus on industrially relevant solutions, we work with real industrial feedstocks from the initial stages of laboratory work to ensure we are resolving the issues of operability and scalability at the earliest possible time.

Novogy invests in the development of advanced technology packages using minimally processed feedstocks in order to ensure we are the lowest cost producer of large-scale bio-products.