The core of Novogy’s technology is a deep understanding of biology and biotechnology and the way in which it can be utilized to provide products of value to society. Our approach is centered on the development of bioprocesses that are beneficial to local, regional, and global environments.


Novogy has developed ROBUST™, a proprietary integration of molecular biology and process engineering which develops process competitiveness and reduces the need for antibiotics in large scale processing solutions.

Cost Leadership in Sustainable Lipid Products

Novogy utilizes its ROBUST processing technology in conjunction with an oleaginous yeast, which has been genetically modified to produce a high yield lipid with a fatty acid composition that contains a high percentage of Oleic acid. This high Oleic product is the first of Novogy’s products from its OPERABLE™ line of processing solutions.

Animal Nutrition

The volume of protein needed by human nutrition supply chains continues to grow rapidly based on improving nutritional requirements across world markets. Novogy’s biocatalyst is an ideal protein source that will allow Novogy to access to these supply chains. We are committed to optimizing the contribution of this valuable by-product material to both Novogy and global nutrition.